Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A thought on Reasoned Discourse

We all know that groups like CSGV and the Brady Campaign (but I repeat myself) will stifle any dissent in any forum over which they have editorial control.  How does one get the truth to sit in juxtaposition to their lies when they simply scrub anything they object to?  One way is to follow their Facebook pages, which will link to various news articles that allow comments while not letting them have editorial control.

Just make sure that when you go to the linked news story to leave a comment that you mention how you found the article.  We can make everything they link to a painful, public reminder of their journey to history's ashheap.  If it gets bad enough, they may stop linking to stories altogether, or perhaps only linking to stories that allow for no comment.  Either way, it's a win.

I've done two here and here.

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