Saturday, January 28, 2012

They really are just one organization

Bitter and Linoge both have excellent posts pointing out how the latest gun ban organization to hit the street is composed of first and second stringers from the more well know organizations such as CSGV and Brady.  Pictures, being worth a pile of words, are often more helpful.

The biggest surprise to me was that the NYT pointed out that Congressman Giffords is a supporter of gun rights.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Congressman Giffords well. 


  1. They never place the blame where it belongs. The reason Laughner (sp) was able to get the gun was because the sheriff didn't do his job. It was disclosed that the sheriff and the parents of the shooter were friends and they were contributors to his re-election fund. So he turned a blind eye and aided in the cover up. This is the same sheriff's office that sent a SWAT team to murder a family man and USMC veteran because his brother was "suspected" of dealing drugs.

  2. Dupnik's misdeeds are well known. Confederate Yankee blogger Mike McDaniel (now blogging at Stately McDaniel Manor (I think) has been all over the Guerena case and provided scads of in depth analysis of the shooting as well as Pima county's treatment of Jose's widow.