Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swirling into irrelevancy

NY State has a ballistic database that requires a spent casing from every new pistol sold in the state.  It has been active for 10 years, cost tens of millions of dollars and has solved exactly 0 crimes.  In fact in the entire time of its use, it has only found two matches, neither of which led to a conviction.

Annual reports from the NY State Police can be found here.

On page 135 of the 2009 report, we see the two hit reference.  Looking at earlier years we see that the hits did not result in solved crimes.

Gov. Cuomo's new budget proposes defunding CoBISS , and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel (one of NY's worst anti-gun politicians) is all aflutter, describing this as a step backwards in fighting crime as quoted in the Daily News. 

When you see stopping something that has been perfectly ineffective in order to move resources to something that does work as a "step backwards", that could be why your movement is loosing at every turn.

It also puts a lie to the notion that these people are doing what they are doing for "public safety".  Fighting to keep pouring resources down an ineffective sinkhole because it is part of the gun control laundry list of stuff to do sort of lets the mask slip.

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