Friday, January 27, 2012

Starbucks Buycott

Sebastian over at "Shall Not be Questioned" has deets on a buycott prompted by the latest rehashed gun ban org calling for a boycott because Sbux refuses to deny carriers of firearms a cup of coffee.  Anyone wanting to stand up to these bullies is encouraged to buy a coffee or three on Valentine's Day this year.

Barron suggests tipping w/ a $2 bill with a note attached explaining why-I concur.


  1. I'll be at Starbucks on the 14th with my 1911. Now I need to find a $2.00 bill.

  2. The sbux I frequent is on a very liberal college campus, so no carry for me. However, it's a prefect opportunity to stuff the tip jar with properly annotated 2 dollar bills. Perhaps a little real world econ lesson for the psych major barrista is in order...