Friday, February 17, 2012

Ladd's new strategy

For the last two days, Ladd Everitt, as well as about half a dozen fellow travelers have been spamming the hell out of the Starbucks facebook page.  Unsurprisingly, each of their posts draws resonses form 20-30 different individuals, as well as even more people simply dropping by to encourage the coffee giant to stick to selling coffee and not trampling peoples basic rights.  Ladd has been getting more and more strident, and occasionally when someone in reply says something mean he grabs a screencap and either posts it on the CSGV FB page or he tweets it.

He just posted his cell number.  On the Starbucks FB page.

He is begging for someone to call him and say something mean or threatening, or that could be twisted to sound mean or threatening.

I've been wondering why the CSGV bigwig would be punching down for such a long time, and this is the only thing that makes sense.  Given their propensity for taking anyone trolling to be an activist (check their note on Abby Spangler-sumdood named "steamingpoopfart" left a nasty comment to Abby and he's now a gun rights activist.)

I have no doubt that in the event that no one obliges him, he'll have an intern call and say mean things.

UPDATE:  Right on cue...

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  1. When you get paid for accomplishing nothing you must get kinda bored. Wonder if the religious organizations that funds Laddy's paycheck knows what their employee is doing?