Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's in a name?

There are a number of contentious issues that face us as a nation, and few generate more heat and sparks than the gun rights/gun control debate.  It is an issue about which I care deeply, and have chosen to blog about to the near exclusion of all other topics.  Living in New York, we are subject to some of the most onerous laws in the nation, and this blog will focus on both national and state level gun control issues.

I've chosen to blog under an assumed name for the simple reason that I worry about what those on the other side of the issue of RKBA will try to do to those around me.  This is no idle concern, as the following examples will show.  

Exhibit A:  Massachusetts gunblogger TJIC
In Massachusetts, permits are required to own any firearms, and a gunblogger had his permits to own firearms revoked based on a blog post.  To be sure I am not defending his post, and quite frankly since the content of the post did not rise to a level of criminality, and did not pose an actual threat to anyone, the post is irrelevant.  The backstory for this event can be found here:

Exhibit B:  Ladd Everitt's attempt to have a gunbloggers child abducted by CPS
Anti-Tango is a gunblogger out in Utah.  He is a former Marine, proud father and reportedly a pretty good dude.  He posted the drama associated with getting his young son to eat something he did not want to, repeatedly sticking it in the child's mouth until he ate it.

Exhibit C:  Jadegold
Jadegold is an internet troll extrodinaire.  Details on Jadegold can be found here:  

Apparently, jadegold has fraudulently called the authorities to accuse pro gun blogger kaveman (blogging at Days of our Trailers) of mail fraud.

Exhibit D:  CSGV gets their twitter feed suspended for intimidation
The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was using it's twitter feed to link meatspace names with usernames, places of employment etc of prominent gunbloggers in an attempt to stifle debate.  Although CSGV will claim that the individuals involved were abusive and threatening, they have yet to provide any evidence of those outed as being abusive.  As shown above, there are very good reasons to maintain anonymity.  details here: 

The bottom line is this:  Gun control is a mortally wounded animal, but like any animal in its death throes, letting your guard down could be fatal.  They are losing the argument, and it is taking their word view along for the ride.  This makes for some rather unhinged, potentially dangerous folks, folks I'd rather not have force my hand.

The name of the blog itself was inspired by David Codrea, (blogging at The War on Guns ) who has coined and Latinized the phrase "Any chair in a barfight" (CUM ULLA SELLA IN PUGNO TABERNA) to describe the state of mind of of gun rights advocates as we press forward on the issues of gun rights.  It is my aim to contribute to the state of our argument.

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